Team Poly Rain Water Tank Features

Traditional corrugated walls for style and strength. The corrugated design provides an even wall thickness and strength from top to bottom. This eliminates weak spots due to uneven distribution of polyethylene during the roto-moulding process. The tanks are manufactured thicker at the transition from floor to wall, maintaining the strength of the tank where pressure will be at its greatest.

2. Every Team Poly rain water tank is manufactured from food grade polyethylene to meet the Australian Standard AS 4020 covering contact with food and water

All Team Poly tanks meet the Quality Standard ISO 9001 and they maintain an ongoing commitment to ensure compliance with the Quality Management Systems standard, through regular Quality Audits by Standards Australia.

Team Poly tanks are made from the latest grade of Ultra UV polyethylene. This raises the UV protection up from UV 8 to ULTRA UV ensuring your tank will have the best possible protection against the harsh Australian sun.

3. Team Poly tanks of large volume are supplied with a centre pole to safely support the roof. Team Poly tanks that have supporting centre poles installed utilise lead-free PVC, eliminating the risk of lead contamination.

4. Team Poly rain water tanks have the provision for locating the centre pole into a fixed position. Centre poles are installed by the company driver on site, eliminating the need for the customer to enter the tank.

5. Team Poly tanks are manufactured in one piece and have their lids cut and re-fitted for two reasons: Transport and Access.

Removable lids will give the customer easy access later for regular cleaning. Having the lid cut and replaced does NOT reduce the strength or performance of the tank at all. The removable clip-lock lid design screws back into place with stainless steel screws to prevent the entry of contaminants, vermin etc.

Over the past 13 years, around a quarter of a million Team Poly rain water tanks have had their lids cut and re-fitted. These tanks will service homes, farms and properties for many years to come.

Team Poly tanks help the environment – they strive to be industry leaders by fully absorbing all emissions of carbon dioxide emitted during production and distribution of our products.

Steps they have taken to achieve this goal include:

* Reduction of energy wastage.
* Recycling programs in place at the point of manufacture.

Injinya Woods afforestation project has begun with 43,000 trees already planted with a further 105,000 planned over the next 4 years. (calculations in accord with the Government Gas Office Formula indicates that 200,000 trees will totally absorb all greenhouse gas emissions by Team Poly).

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 Posted on : December 4, 2015