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As you will see from our website, we offer our visitors a widechoice of some of the best, and best-known solar systems in the world.

sungrid-solar-logoInto this illustrious company we introduce Sungrid.

Sungrid have carefully chosen a select group of successful Dealers, and offered them a top-quality product, with the best warranties in the business. Why do we proudly promote Sungrid?

Because it represents exceptional value for our customers…

  • TEN YEARS Repair or Replacement Warranty
  • TWELVE YEARS 90% Performance Warranty
  • TWENTY-FIVE YEARS 85% Performance Warranty
  • Zero Tolerance’ Guarantee- A panel will produce MEET or EXCEED it’s rated output
  • ‘Economic Efficiency’- high Quality, long Warranties, very competitive prices
  • Panels submitted to Murdoch University (WA) to check the repeatability and integrity of the original factory testing.
  • Deeper, more robust 50mm aluminium framing
  • Proven performance at the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre (DKASC) in Alice Springs

To learn more about the quality of SunGrid, and questions you should be asking, read The Sungrid Difference.

Sungrid, in addition to the premium Sungrid range, provide an industry-standard product for those on a real budget. It’s called Suntelligence, and it’s fully backed by Sungrid. To learn more about Suntelligence solar panels, click here...

Background Briefing

The SunGrid Difference
SunGrid SG190M5 190 Watt Solar Panel Specification Sheet
SunGrid SG240P6 240 Watt Solar Panel Specification Sheet
SunGrid SG250P6 250 Watt Solar Panel Specification Sheet
SunGrid Solar Australian Website
SunTelligence ST190M5 190 Watt Solar Panel Specification Sheet

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 Posted on : December 4, 2015