stiebel-eltron-heat-pump (2)Stiebel Eltron German-Engineered Premium Quality Heat Pumps

Stiebel Eltron have been producing heat pumps for 30 years, to the highest standards of German engineering. Now, Enviro Friendly Products is proud to offer the Stiebel stiebel eltron logoEltron domestic heat pump hot water systems to our customers. Why Stiebel Eltron?

  • Your new Stiebel Eltron heat pump could cut your hot water bills by as much as 75%
  • It’s the quietest heat pump on the market- just 49dB
  • Plugs into a standard powerpoint for easy installation
  • They are Germany’s market leader in heat pump technology. Tried and tested technology for over 30 years to give you real energy, environmental and money savings. Over 30,000 heat pumps are produced each year in the most modern production factory in Germany.
  • In 2004 Stiebel Eltron was the first company, worldwide, to win an award for its enameling process in tank production, for corrosion protection, temperature shock and longevity of the product. The EEA (European Enamel Authority) award promises users security for a product with the highest possible quality.
  • The 300Ee heat pump has been assessed to receive 30 Renewable Energy Certificates (REC), which is the highest amount of REC points awarded to this category of heat pump. The higher the REC the more efficient the product is.
  • Current draw is only 2.1 amps (nominal) with a maximum draw of less than 3 amps, making it able for installation on a standard 10 amps power point.
  • Active defrost protection to keep efficiencies and savings high during low air temperatures (5°C and less).
  • Low air temperature performance, 0°C.
  • Able to be installed indoors (13m³ of volumetric space required).
  • Able to be ducted
  • Low thermal losses through CFC-free thermal insulation. This ensures we are able to deliver more hot water.
  • Electric boost element available
  • All-in-one heat pump, compact in size, only 1875 mm high.
  • Attractive modern design and unbeatable Germany quality and craftsmanship.

Price List;

Diam. mm.
Height mm.
Less Rebate#

Less RECs+

300 l.
125 kg.
$ 4360.00

WWK300AH Electric Boost

300 l.
125 kg.
$ 4640.00

* Price includes GST. Please ring for delivery cost in your area.
# Federal Government Rebate for replacing an electric hot water system
+ Renewable Energy Certificates vary in number in different areas. This is for Zone 3. As at December 2nd., 2009, their value is approximately $28.

Background Briefing:

Stiebel Eltron Heat Pump Brochure
Stiebel Eltron Heat Pump FAQs

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“Save water, save energy, save money, and save the environment.”

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 Posted on : December 4, 2015