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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the water heated?
A Heat Pump works like a refrigerator, only in reverse. Air which contains solar heat energy is extracted by the Heat Pump to heat water. A fan draws air through an evaporator which contains very cold liquid refrigerant. The heat in this air is absorbed by the refrigerant, turning it into a very hot liquid. The hot liquid refrigerant is then compressed to a “super heated” gas via a compressor. The gas is then circulated to a condenser, where the heat from the gas is transferred to the water in the tank. The now cool refrigerant is then reused and the cycle starts all over again. Power is only required to operate the compressor to move the heat around the system, not to heat the water.

Does the unit draw much power?
No, it has the lowest current draw of any Heat Pump on the market, 2.17amps (520watts). It is plugged into a standard powerpoint.

To what temperature will the unit heat the water?
By law all storage hot water heating apparatus must heat water to a minimum 60 degrees Celsius. This unit is more efficient because the water is not overheated.

How much hot water will I get from the unit?

Due to its advanced German design features, you will get approximately 540 litres of shower temperature water* from one tank which is plenty of water for 2-5 people.
*Shower temperature water is 60oC water and cold water mixing to give you approximately 40oC water.

If there is a power failure will I need to do anything to the unit?
No, the unit is fully automatic.

If I go away can I turn the unit off?
Yes you can. Turning off will not affect the unit. Just switch the power back on when you get back.

How long should the unit last?
The unit has a design life of fifteen years. This can vary depending on factors such as extremes in weather, water quality and how often you replace the sacrificial anode.

What type of anode does the have?
A high quality Magnesium sacrificial anode

Will the anode need replacing?
Yes, we recommend replacing it every 3 – 5 years for continued protection, depending upon the water quality in your area.

Does the unit have frost protection?
Yes, it has “Active Defrost”. If ice forms on the evaporator below 5oC, the hot refrigerant is reversed through the evaporator to defrost it. This enables the unit to heat water efficiently in temperatures down to 0oC.

What is the sound level of the unit?
The unit is rated at 49dB (a whisper is around 30dB and a conversation is around 60dB – 70dB).

What type of condenser does the unit have?
Each unit contains an Aluminium Roll Bond Condenser attached to the tank with a heat paste to increase the efficient transfer of heat to the water.

What is the warranty?
Five years on the tank, two years on the compressor and one year on the electrics.

What is the tank made of?
Each tank is 2mm thick mild steel with an award winning vitreous enamel glass lining.

What type of refrigerant is used?
The refrigerant is R134A which is the most commonly used refrigerant on the market.

How long will the refrigerant last?
Longer than the life of the unit.

Does the unit require any maintenance?
When changing the anode inspect the evaporator for dust or build-up, clean with a vacuum.

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 Posted on : December 4, 2015