lightway-solar-australian-hqLightWay Solar Panels: High Quality & High Performance At A Budget Price 

lightway-solar-australia-logoLightway solar panels are the product of a major, vertically-integrated manufacturer. ‘Vertically-integrated’ is what separates the men from the boys in the solar industry. It means that the company is not just a marketing company, selling someone else’s rebranded. Not just an assembler, who buys compnents from others, and assembles the product. ‘Vertically integrated’ means that Lightway are one of a small, select group of solar panel manufacturers that control every stage of the production…
– manufacturing the silicon ingot, which are then sliced into
– silicon wafers, which help produce
– solar cells, which are assembled into a
– finished solar panel, or module
Full control of all stages of production makes possible very high levels of quality and performance.

Lightway OP+ solar panels set a new industry standard for features and performance. 

  • All LIGHTWAY OP+ panels are fitted with hardened, high
    transparency glass to withstand the worst that the Australian climate can muster.
  • Extensive quality control process ensures that LIGHTWAY panels continually exceed their stated OPTIMISED wattage output – allowing you a faster return on investment.
  • LIGHTWAY’s multicrystalline cells deliver superior performance in high ambient temperatures.
  • LIGHTWAY OP+ multicrystalline panels feature an optimised cell design to provide maximum energy return over a longer period of the day.
  • LIGHTWAY OP+ includes three Bus Bars per cell for greater low light energy performance.
  • LIGHTWAY OP+ features six bypass diodes, providing optimum energy return in shaded conditions and superior protection against hot spots.
  • All Lightway OP+ solar panels are backed by a 25 year warranty.
  • ISO9001:2008 Certification

lightway-op+-250x250Stop Press:

Since launching Lightway products in Australia in 2010, they have sold approx. 46MW of solar modules, a testimony to the quality and value of the product & brand.

Lightway solar modules are produced from the best machinery in the world.

Lightway perform strenuous testing for quality assurance to create their Premium OP+ solar panels. As if that isn’t sufficient, Lightway deliver very competitive pricing, which produces some of the best Return on Investment (ROI) in the solar industry. 

Background Briefing:

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 Posted on : November 11, 2015