It’s sunrise, and your very own personal power station is starting work, providing you with FREE electricity. Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are going to work, harnessing the energy of the sun.

Why not join the thousands of Australian households who enjoy free electricity provided by their very own solar panel power systems?

Some Australians choose solar power because it costs too much to connect to mains power. The systems they choose are called Remote Area Power Systems (RAPS) or Standalone Systems. 

Other Australians in urban Australia simply want to make a difference- to reduce their reliance on mains power, and to contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The systems they choose are called Grid-Connect Systems.

And its not just Australians who are reaping the benefits, folks across the pond in the United States are jumping all over this financially-advantageous opportunity. It would be wise to locate a decent personal tax prep software as the federal government is implementing an abundance of credits and deductions for Americans who install certain PV power features.

At Enviro Friendly, we’ve resisted the temptation to suggest lesser-quality brands of solar panels. We only feature well-established, world-leading brands like SunPower Solar and Sharp Solar, and high-perormance, long-warranty products like SunGrid.

sunpower-logoWe’re proud to feature Sunpower– the most efficient solar panels on the market. US- based Sunpower has a pedigree stretching back 24 years. As well as making high-efficiency domestic panels, Sunpowerexcels is commercial and infrastructure-sized projects. Check out Sunpower Grid-Connect PV systems here…

sungrid-solar-logoIf you’re looking for a combination of high-performance, the best warranties in the business and great value, you really need to consider Sungrid.

Check out the Sungrid PV System range here…

sharp-solar-logoWe also feture the world’s leading brand of photovoltaic systems- Sharp Solar. Sharp Solarproduce a full range of packaged Grid Power™ PV systems, from 1 kW to 5 kW, as well as stand-alone RAPS systems and components.Sharp have been in the sollar business for almost 50 years, and have delivered more panels than anyone else in the world.

solar-panels-roofSolar panel power systems aren’t for everyone. Only a small proportion of society cares enough to make the financial investment needed. Only a special few are sufficiently concerned about the world they pass on to their children and grandchildren. Only that special few will ever know the joy of seeing their electricity meter running backwards!

If you are one of those who care enough to make a difference, we can arrange free quotes for you on the best systems available, set up by BCSE-certified electrician-installers.

Before installing solar panels, or a solar hot water system, check if your roof needs any repair work, or even replacing. It’s very expensive to pull up a solar installation to fix a leaking roof! Companies such as Precision Roofing Inc can fix any problems before the installers arrive.


Stylish 1.5 Kw Grid Connect PV System Installation Yass near Canberra May 2006. 

Now there’s a new dimension to buying a grid-connect solar power system for your home. Progressively, Australian State Governments are introducing feed-in tariffs. Simply, this means that the electricity utilities will pay you more than the retail price for the power you produce and export. This income is tax-free, and canny customers are calculating the return on investment available. These feed-in tariffs aren’t in all States yet, and vary from one to the next. 

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We can arrange quotes to supply your new solar panels in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne. Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, and most regional and rural areas

 Posted on : November 10, 2015