Siddons Heat Pump Solar Hot Water Systems: Save Energy, Save Money, and Cut Your Greenhouse Emissions

siddons-heat-pump“I know that solar hot water systems can save a lot of money, but how is the Siddons a solar hot water system- there’s nothing to go on the roof?”  

Good question! The solar hot water systems we’re all used to have panels on the roof to catch the radiant heat of the sun. Heat pump systems do something different- and very clever. They use a little bit of energy to collect the abundant heat that the sun has already put into the atmosphere. The same way a reverse-cycle air conditioner works. They work so efficiently that Federal and State Governments recognise them as solar hot water systems. Depending on a number of factors, using a Siddons heat pump solar hot water system can save you up to 70% of your energy

Not only can a Siddons Solarstream Heat Pump save you a lot of money on your energy
bills, you can even get thousands of dollars off the price in incentives and rebates.

Being rated as a solar hot water system, installing the Siddons Solarstream Heat Pump allows you to create and sell Renewable Energy Certificates. Depending on your area, how you trade them and the current value of the RECs, this could be worth around $600-1200.

Why choose Siddons over other solar hot water systems?

  • save up to 70% of your energy costs
  • dramatically cut your greenhouse gas emissions
  • works 24/7, 365 days a year- yes, even through the night
  • no panels necessary on roof
  • lightweight- easy to transport and install
  • no power-hungry heating element required
  • easy electrical installation- uses standard powerpoints
  • superior, marine-grade 316 stainless steel tank for long life
  • no sacrificial anode to replace- lower maintenance costs
  • separate condenser for easy access and service 

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Background Briefing:

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WikiPedia Information On Stainless Steel
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Tank Size
Evap. Size

Less RECs+

250 l.
315 l.

+ Renewable Energy Certificates vary in number in different areas. This is for Zone 3.

 Posted on : November 12, 2015