Quantum Heat Pump Solar Hot Water Systems

Quantum-Domestic-Compact-150Heat Pump Hot Water Systems are an Australian invention that has been on the market since the 1980’s. The original brand was Quantum. Heat pumps are simply one of the most efficient and economical water heaters available, and the cheapest solar hot water system to install. What does this mean for you?

The Quantum heat pump does not rely on direct sunlight for its operation. Due to its advanced design the unit will produce hot water in all weather conditions, even at night; it simply absorbs heat energy from the environment.
The Quantum Compact can be located in any external location around the building. It definitely does not need to “face north” in order collect solar energy like conventional Flat Plate Solar units. 

What Are The Advantages Of Installing a Quantum Heat Pump Hot Water System? 

Quantum systems have been used for over 30 years to provide hot water for domestic, commercial, industrial, swimming pool and space heating purposes. Manufactured by the leading innovator in the industry, this revolutionary piece of technology is being adopted by more and more homes and businesses everywhere! What do they know that you don’t yet? Installing a Quantum hot water system just makes perfect sense! Here’s Why…..free-quote-solar-hot-water

  • Your Quantum Heat Pump Saves Energy… Uses up to 75% less energy than traditional electric hot water systems. Does not require direct sunlight in order to operate. Due to its patented advanced design the Quantum heat pump system will produce hot water in all weather conditions, from -10°C up to 40°C, even at night. It simply absorbs heat energy from the environment – from thin air!
  • It Saves Money… Due to State and Federal Government rebates encouraging more and more homes and businesses to switch to solar energy – Quantum heat pumps are now available for around the same price of an electric or gas hot water system. Call us now to find out what rebates YOU are entitled to! 1800 644 705 Heating water is the leading contributor to your home energy bill. By installing a Quantum heat pump you can expect to enjoy up to a 75% reduction in your hot water running costs. For most families this means that the initial cost (if any) is paid back in savings within the year.
  • Your Quantum Heat Pump Reduces Your Carbon Footprint… The Quantum heat pump absorbs energy from a renewable and free energy source – The Sun. With only minimal amounts of electricity required to operate, installing a Quantum makes perfect sense in the fight to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce global warming. Heating water is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the home. Quantum hot water systems use significantly less energy, (approximately 75% less then traditional electric hot water heaters), therefore dramatically reduces the amount of greenhouse gasses produced.
  • Enjoy Quantum’s Tremendous Efficiency… The Quantum heat pump works in temperatures as low as -10°C and up to 40+°C, day and night without the need for boosting, and only a Quantum can do that! The COP (Coefficient of Performance) of a Quantum heat pump is 325%! This is compared to an average electric hot water system’s COP of less than 100%. What this really means is that the Quantum unit consumes much less energy to achieve the same output of power.
  • A Quantum Heat Pump Hot Water System Is Easy To Instal… As easy to install as a conventional electric system. There is no need for complicated or expensive “special plumbing” work to be carried out. No solar panels are required. The unit is installed at ground level, not on the roof, thereby not imposing any large additional weight on the roof. The unit can be installed in less than two hours!

 Posted on : November 12, 2015