Heat Pump Solar Hot Water Systems

Quantum-Domestic-Compact-150 (1)Heat Pump Hot Water Systems are an Australian invention that has been on the market since the 1980’s. The original product was the Quantum Heat Pump. Heat pumps are simply one of the most efficient and economical water heaters available, and the cheapest solar hot water system to install. What does this mean for you?

Save Money. You’ll save up to hundreds of dollars a year on energy, compared with a standard electric system.

24/7 Operation. Heat pumps work 24 hours a day, extracting heat from the ambient air, so you’ll always have lots of hot water. No, it doesn’t run ALL the time- only when it needs to heat water. 😉.

Easy Installation. Your heat pump is a breeze to connect. There’s nothing to go on the roof. If you’re replacing an existing electric hot water system, the connections are the same. Some models, such as the Stiebel Eltron, only require a standard powerpoint connection. 

Reduce Greenhouse Emissions. Compared with a standard electric hot water system,free-quote-solar-hot-water
heat pump hot water systems will save the verge family 4 tonnes or more of greenhouse gas emissions from your home.

siddons-heat-pumpReceive Government Financial Incentives & Rebates. Both the Federal Govenment of Australia, and a number of State Governments, recognise the efficiency of the Heat Pump Water Heaters, and provide finncial incentives to support your purchase. Basically, if it’s a new installation, or replacing an electric system, you’re in business. Australia-wide, the Federal Government REC’s (Renewable Energy Certificates) will subsidise your purchase. The amount varies with area and model, but in many areas, the REC’s are currently worth around $1,000. In some State jurisdictions, there is a further subsidy available.

So how does the a heat pump water heater system operate? Fortunately, it’s not rocket science. The principle is the same as the one that powers your refrigerator, air conditioner, or reverse cycle air conditioner (also known as a heat pump). Heat is collected from one space, and released into another. In the case of your refrigerator, the heat inside the fridge is collected, and moved into the kitchen. In the case of your air conditioner, the heat is extracted from your room, and pumped to the outside of your home. When your reverse-cycle air conditioner is working in winter, it is extracting the heat from the ambient air outside, and pumping it into the house.

stiebel-eltron-heat-pump (1)That’s what a heat pump water heater does. It takes the heat from the ambient air, and uses it to heat your hot water. Here’s the counter-intuitive part. Even below freezing, there’s still plenty of heat available. You actually have to go down to minus 273.15C to reach absolute zero, where there is no heat. The advanced design and refrigerant used in the Quantum, means it happily keeps producing economical hot water for you, all the way down to at least -10C. And it doesn’t stop when the sun goes down- it will work 24/7 to save you money.

While Quantum was a pioneer in the field, in recent years many other heat pump hot water systems have entered the market, including Solahart, Dux, Rheem and Siddons, to name a few. As a result of major advances in design, products such as the German-manufactured. Stiebel Eltron heat pump are now both quieter than the Quantum, as well as being more efficient. The extra efficiency of the Stiebel heat pump hot water system isn’t just a claim, it’s measured by the number of RECs that can be created and claimed, and that’s directly linked to how much electricity is expected to be saved. Stiebel Eltron have been manufacturing heat pump hot water heaters in Germany for over 30 years.

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 Posted on : November 12, 2015