Evacuated Tubes: Solar Contribution For Commercial Hot Water Systems

Commercial-gungahlin-collegeEvacuated tubes provide solar contribution to your commercial hot water system at virtually no running cost. For a tiny amount of electricity to run the circulating pump, you’ll enjoy free heat from the sun. Every year that energy prices continue to escalate, your savings will continue to grow. But why evacuated tubes instead ofthe old-fashioned flat plates?

Evacuated tubes…

  • passively track the sun all day for greater efficiency
  • are frost-proof- they don’t contain any water
  • are light on your roof
  • can be individually replaced at low cost by any handyman

Since 2005, our principal hot water product for domestic homes has been our range of evacuated tube systems. As our commercial hot water business has grown, more and more Hydraulic Engineers, Architects and clients have specified evacuated tubes for their projects. Let us help you drive down your hot water costs with a new commercial hot water system, with solar contrution from evacuated tubes. You may be surprised at how short the payback period can be.


 Posted on : December 3, 2015