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The Edwards Solar Hot Water Story 

The Edwards solar hot water history began almost 50 years ago, when Edwards started
producing hot water heaters in 1963. Over the years, they’ve built up a large, but select team of Edwards Dealers around Australia. Not only is Edwards a major Australian brand- they’ve become an international leader in the production of solar hot water systems for both residential and commercial applications, through providing customers with excellent design, performance and reliability. Edwards offer you a range of technologies to choose from.

Edwards Produce Three Styles of Solar Hot Water 

Close-coupled system
edwards-solar-hot-water-130The Edwards close-coupled solar hot water system is so named because the tank is close to the collector plates. It uses what is called the thermosiphon effect- heat is collected in the flat plates, and then naturally rises, into the storage tank.

This ensures maximum efficiency- no pumps are requied to move the heat between the collector plates and the storage tank. free-quote-solar-hot-water

Split system
edwards-solar-hotwater-splitIn this configuration. your Edwards solar hot water system is split into two components. The collectors go on the roof, but the storage tank is located (usually) on the ground.

This is an ideal arrangement where your roof may not handle the weight of a close-coupled system, or where aesthetics dictate the smallest. most stylish profile on the roof possible. 

Heat pump system
edwards-heat-pump-hot-waterThere are many situations where either a close-coupled, or even a split-system solar hot water system in not appropriate.

It may be that there is no suitable, north-facing roof area. It may be that the angle of the roof is too high. Perhaps the north-facing roof is badly shaded. Perhaps you’re in a heritage area, and aren’t allowed to put one on the roof. Maybe your partner just doesn’t want to see a solar hot water sytem on their roof. Whatever the reason, a hea5t pump can be the answer.

Although they don’t use the direct, radiant heat of the sun, heat pump hot water systems are treated as solar for the purpose of government incentives.

In fact, it’s the sun that heats the air. All a heat pump does, is to recover some of the heat that the sun has put in the atmosphere. Putting 1kW of electricity into a heat pump, can give you as much heat as it would require 4kW of electricity to produce.

Choose Which Edwards Solar System Is Best For You.

As you can see, there are three different styles of Edwards solar hot water systems to choose from. But the choice doesn’t stop there. In the split system, you can choose between a gas-bossted, or electric-boost system. In general, the gas-boosted systems are dearer to buy and install, but cheaper to run- if you’re on town gas. The more hot water you use, the better you are off choosing the gas-boosted system.

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 Posted on : November 12, 2015