The New Dux Airoheat™SubZero Heat Pump
Solar Hot Water System

dux-heat-pump-solar-lThe Dux heat pump solar hot water system hasn’t been added to our range by accident!

We’ve been selling heat pumps for years, hundreds of them. Heat pump solar hot water systems have been on the Australian market for over 20 years. One of us owns one. With rapid improvements in their technolgy, we’re now proud to offer our customers the new Dux Airoheat Subzero.

Your decision to purchase a Dux Airoheat Heat Pump Solar Hot Water system from Enviro Friendly will reward you for many years to come.

Since 1915, the Dux hot water range has seen continuous research and development, resulting in many breakthroughs in the efficiency, reliability and longevity of hot water systems. 

Dux heat pump solar water heaters are manufactured in Australia in a state-of-the-art
facility, using a Quality Endorsed Company production system. This is your assurance that you have purchased the highest quality water heater available, one that will provide continuous hot water for all your needs – safely, economically, and for many years to come. Dux heat pump technology will ensure that your electricity bills are slashed, along with your carbon footprint. Best of all, the Dux qualifies for Federal and State Government rebates. You may be surprised how little they could cost you, and how much they can save you!


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Features And Benefits Of installing A Dux Airoheat:

  • Nothing on the roof. The heat pump replaces the usual panels. Forget problems of roof alignment, pitch, shading etc.
  • Easy to install. The connections are the same as an ordinary electric hot water system- much cheaper to instal than on-the-roof solar systems.
  • Easy change-over from an electric storage water heater.
  • Slash your energy bills. Significantly lower electrical consumption from the most efficient system in its class.
  • Quiet. The quietest heat pump solar hot water system on the market.
  • Sub-zero Performance. Airoheat® Subzero now includes an innovative de-icing function so there’s no need for an expensive back-up element.
  • Single, compact Unit. No panels on roof, no separate unit.
  • Rebate Approved. Qualifies for RECs, and some State Solar Rebates.
  • Full mains pressure delivery.

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Dux Solar Background Briefing:

Owners Manual
Dux Hot Water: A History
Heat Pump Video

Dux Warranty and Troubleshooting Information (See Manual above)



Airoheat SubZero
250 l.
632 mm.
1756 mm.
113 kg.

+ Renewable Energy Certificates vary in number in different areas. This is for Zone 3. Their price varies over time.

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 Posted on : November 12, 2015