Dux sunpro Solar Hot Water Systems 

dux-sunpro-solar-hot-waterDux solar hot water has an impressive pedigree. The first Dux hot water systems were produced nearly a century ago, in 1915.

Today, Dux is part of GWA Group Limited along with many other household brand names including Caroma, Dorf, Fowler, Stylus, Clark, Gainsborough, Brivis and Sebel. 

Dux is committed to high quality products and to the on-going development of new products.

Since 1989, all design and manufacturing has been carried out at modern facilities in the
New South Wales town of Moss Vale.

The Dux hot water range includes electric storage, gas storage, instantaneous gas, heat pump, plus electric and gas boosted solar models.

The Dux Solar Hot Water Range

dux-sunpro-solar-hot-waterSunpro Split system, electric boost.
This Dux model is ideal when you want the lowest-profile, lowest weight on your roof.

The electric booster keeps the price of the system down, and backs up the system when the sun can’t do all of the job.

Some of the features are…

  • High performance black chrome selective surface collectors as standard
  • Multi-temperature sensor vitreous enamel tank configuration
  • Patented Hotlogic® processor that constantly searches for and switches to the cheapest available energy source
  • Mid height element boosting for hot water in times of low solar gainfree-quote-solar-hot-water

Sunpro Split system, gas boost.
This Dux model has the same stylish, low profile as the electric split model, but adds the efficiency of gas boosting.

As always, while a gas-boosted solar system costs more to buy and install, it costs less to run for those on town gas.

The larger your family, the larger your use of hot water, the more money you’ll save with the gas-boosted model.

  • Gas boosted solar is one of the most environmentally friendly domestic hot water solutions available.
  • High performance black chrome selective surface collectors as standard
  • Flexible continuous flow mounting options – on a wall or a tank allowing for greater installation flexibility (comes with mounting bracket)
  • Reduced footprint for better side access, particularly for smaller blocks 

dux-heat-pump-solar-sAiroheat Heat Pump Hot Water.
Not everyone can put a solar hot water system on their roof.

Sometimes there’s no north-facing roof area.

Sometimes the roof is shaded by trees or neighbours.

Sometimes you’d just rather not have anything showing on the roof.

If any of these apply to you, then a Dux Airoheat heat pump solar hot water system could be your answer.

Here are a few of the features…

  • The Dux Airoheat® is the industry’s most awarded heat pump hot water system
  • An easy one piece, compact design makes for a quick and simple installation
  • Airoheat now includes an innovative de-icing function so there’s no need for a back-up element
  • Management by the innovative Hotlogic® controller allows the Airoheat to keep running in cold climates.
  • Is considered a solar system for RECs purposes

Obviously, Dux solar hot water should be on your shopping list! 

 Posted on : November 12, 2015