Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water: Frequently Asked Questions

 apricus-solar-faqsThere are tubes with thicker glass out there, are they stronger?

Our glass thickness is 1.8mm, and has passed the hail impact testing to meet Australian standards.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive the thickness does not always indicate Strength. More important than thickness is the material structure and quality of the glass.

For example: some suppliers have glass of 1.6mm thickness which is stronger to impact than 2mm glass from other suppliers due to better quality glass.

So simply saying “this glass is thicker” is not really a valid or useful comparison.

Apricus Evacuated Tubes Are Strong

How do the Apricus evacuated tubes handle hail?

Apricus evacuated tube collectors are made to Australian and International standards. In terms of Hail resistance Apricus evacuated tubes have been independently tested and shown to withstand impact from a 25mm / 1″ ice ball at 90km/hr. If you are in a region with extreme hail (much larger than 25mm / 1″) then the solar collectors should be installed at an angle of 45° or greater, which greatly increases impact strength. 

Does my roof need strengthening to accommodate the Apricus hot water system?

Because Apricus systems are a ‘split system’ a standard 30tube system weighs less than 100kgs on your roof!
Systems with a tank on the roof generally weigh over 500kg when full of water (300ltrs water = 300kg)

What are the advantages of using Apricus evacuated tube collectors?

• Evacuated tubes passively track the sun
• 15 year warranty on major components
• Lightweight and durable design
• Excellent cold weather performance
• Low maintenance design
• Dedicated, local after sales & service team
• Frost protected without the use of glycol

Apricus Evacuated Tubes Are Frost Protected

Can I use a solar collector with my existing hot water system?

Apricus collectors can be added to an existing hot water system, but “retro-fit” systems are not applicable for any State and Federal rebates.

How do I choose the right Apricus solar hot water system?

Apricus manufacture a variety of different solar hot water systems that cater to variety of hot water needs. The sizing of your system depends on a number of factors:
• How many people live your household.
• Where you live
• Your household water demands.
• The water quality in your area.
Your local Apricus agent will be able to size a system to suit your individual needs, contact us for a quote today

How much energy will I save using an Apricus Solar Hot Water System?

The amount of energy you will save varies; based on your location, water usage, and type of system you install. On average, an electric hot water system accounts for about 30% of your total household energy usage. Installing an Apricus will save you up to 80% of the energy used by your existing electric hot water unit.

If there is no sunshine, does that mean I will have no hot water?

All Apricus solar hot water systems have a booster built-in to ensure you are never left with a cold shower!

What applications are Apricus solar hot water systems best suited to?

Apricus Solar collectors are very versatile, they can be used in a full range of applications, these include:
• Household and residential solar hot water
• Business and commercial hot water
• Solar pre-heating systems
• Pool heating, dairy farms, Chemical treatment plants, hospitals, apartment buildings, wineries and many more.

Why should I change my existing electric system to Solar?

Installing an Apricus solar hot water system will help you
• SAVE up to 80% on your water heating bills
• REDUCE your household carbon emissions
• INCREASE the value of your home or property and;
• PRODUCE free hot water from the sun.

What does Apricus mean?

Apricus is a Latin word which means “attracting” or “loving” the sun.

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 Posted on : December 2, 2015