solar-hot-water-australiaSolar Hot Water Systems in Australia

Solar Hot Water Systems have been pioneered in Australia. Over four decades we have produced many of the best domestic solar hot water systems available in the world. The list of quality brands available in Australia is an impressive one, and includes Solahart, Hills Solar, Beasley, Dux, Rheem, Siddons Solarstream,Quantum, Endless Solar, Sanden, Stiebel Eltron, Conergy, Edwards and more… At Enviro Friendly, we’ve worked very hard to provide our customers with the very best range of solar hot water systems.

Two Different Categories.

There are two fundamentally different technologies available to deliver you cheap solar hot water.

The first is the on-the-roof solar systems.

The second is the heat pump hot water

 1. On-The-Roof Solar Hot Water Systems.

These systems have collectors on the roof to collect the radiant heat of the sun.

solahart-solar-hot-waterThe earliest versions include the traditional flat-plate collectors together with a tank, both mounted on the roof. These have been around for 50 years, and were pioneered by companies like Solahart.

Later, split systems were developed, with the collectors on the roof, but the tank mounted on the ground.

Less weight on the roof was an attraction to many, and not having the tank dominate the roofline was a winner for others.

In the 1980’s, a new collector system was developed in Australia. Hills_Solar_Esteem_22_tubethe more advanced evacuated tubes. The geometry of the tubes means that they are passively tracking the sun all day, leading to an increase in efficiency.

Lower weight and less problems with frost are two of the other advantages of evacuated tubes.

While we’ve found evacuated tube systems sold in Australia back to the mid-1980’s, it is probably Apricus that can take the credit for the popularisation of evacuated tubes. Today, there are numerous companies marketing evacuated tube systems, with Apricus the leader.

The Installation Of An Apricus Solar Hot Water System. 

2. Heat Pump Solar Hot Water Systems.

stiebel-eltron-heat-pumpThe second solar hot water technology is the heat pump. They have been on the Australian market for over 25 years- a well-kept secret from most Australians! The German Stiebel Eltron is shown at left.

A heat pump solar hot water system is very clever. Just like a reverse-cycle air conditioner heating a room in winter, they use a little bit of electricity to collect a lot of heat that the sun has put into the atmosphere.

They produce similar savings to most on-the-roof systems, but are cheaper to instal because nothing has to be installed on the roof. The connections are the same as an old-style electric storage hot water system.

Of course, they are recognised by all Australian Governments for solar hot water rebates.

There is a wide range of domestic and commercial heat pump solar hot water systems available on the Australian market today, and models like the quiet, energy efficient Rapid from Hydrotherm provide the hot water systems Brisbane homes are looking for.

NSW Government-backed advice on Solar Hot Water. Note: Doesn’t cover Heat Pumps. 

Which Solar Hot Water Technology Is Best?

Both systems reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, whether it be gas, or any fossil fuel used to produce electricity. If we look at whole-of-life cost- the cost of buying, running and maintaining the system- we believe that the evacuated tube solar hot water system is a clear winner. If keeping down the initial cost is important, heat pumps are the answer. Any time a roof-mounted system isn’t suitable, the heat pump is the answer!

How Much Will I Save With A Solar Hot Water System?

How long is a piece of string? It’s hard to say, because every household is different. A different number of people, different shower lengths, hot vs. cold wash, standard vs. low-flow showerheads. All these factors can make a big difference in how much you’ll save. It’s probably fair to say that the average family of four switching from an old electric to a new solar hot water system will save around $700 a year. Of course, whatever saving they make is dramatically rising each year as energy prices head north! Oh, we forgot to mention… you’ll also save around 3-4 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year going into the atmosphere!

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 Posted on : November 10, 2015