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Siddons Solar Heat Pumps

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Save Energy, Money, and Cut Your Greenhouse Emissions with Siddons Solar Heat Pumps


“I know that solar hot water systems can save a lot of money, but how is the Siddons a solar hot water system- there’s nothing to go on the roof?”

Good question! The solar hot water systems we’re all used to have panels on the roof to catch the radiant heat of the sun. Heat pump systems do something different- and very clever.

They use a little bit of energy to collect the abundant heat that the sun has already put into the atmosphere. The same way a reverse-cycle or split system air conditioner works. They work so efficiently that Federal and State Governments recognise them as solar hot water systems. Depending on a number of factors, using a Siddons heat pump solar hot water system can save you up to 70% of your energy bills.

So does a solar hot water system make sense for you?

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Not only can a Siddons Solarstream Heat Pump save you a lot of money on your energy
bills, you can even get thousands of dollars off the price in incentives and rebates.

Being rated as a solar hot water system, installing the Siddons Solarstream Heat Pump allows you to create and sell Renewable Energy Certificates. Depending on your area, how you trade them and the current value of the RECs, this could be worth around $600-1200.

Why choose Siddons over other solar hot water systems?

  • save up to 70% of your energy costs
  • dramatically cut your greenhouse gas emissions
  • works 24/7, 365 days a year- yes, even through the night
  • no panels necessary on roof
  • lightweight- easy to transport and install
  • no power-hungry heating element required
  • easy electrical installation- uses standard powerpoints
  • superior, marine-grade 316 stainless steel tank for long life
  • no sacrificial anode to replace- lower maintenance costs
  • separate condenser for easy access and service

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Background Briefing:

Siddons Solarstream Domestic Solar Heat Pump Brochure
Siddons Solarstream Solar Heat Pump Manual

ModelTankTank SizeEvap. SizeLess RECs+
264SSBD250 l. 580x1620mm 795x255x40026
327SSASD315 l.580x1980mm 795x255x40026

+ Renewable Energy Certificates vary in number in different areas. This is for Zone 3.

Siddons Solarstream Heat Pump Solar Hot Water Systems: 24 Years Of Technical Excellence

John Siddons is pictured (left) in 2004 with the prototype new-generation Siddons Solarstream Heat Pump Water Heater.

The Siddons Solarstream was developed to make energy efficient hot water. It can operate at night using cheaper off peak electrical power, save up to 70% of electrical power and very quiet in operation..

The Solarstream is a third generation design and very much the result of an evolutionary development. Better value and higher quality than comparable products, the Solarstream is something special. It started in a small shed at the rear of Sidchrome. John Siddons, the son of the founder of the highly regarded Sidchrome Spanners decided that energy saving technology was not only good for the environment, but just made sense. So work began on the Siddons Solar Plus.

Dr Bill Charters and his team at Melbourne University first came up with the idea of a Solar Boosted Heat Pump water heater as a way of solving the “solar counter cycle dilemma” i.e. people shower more in Winter when solar gain from the sun is the least and in summer too much heat gain results in over heating of water heaters. John was so impressed with the work of Dr Charters he made funds available and work began on a project that now spans 30 years.

The Siddons Solar Plus was released in 1985 as a “solar boosted heat pump water heater” and the heater set a new international benchmark for energy savings. Although it was difficult to install, the design was very successful, The State Electrical Commission surveyed 100 users of the product and the response was the best they had ever received form a survey. Customer satisfaction reached new heights and the heaters are still going 20 years on.

In 1989 Solar Plus became Quantum Energy Systems. Then in 1995 we began developing a new generation of air, water, and heat recovery heat pump water heaters, including the new patented commercial model, the Quantum Titan Eyre. The new second generation models stimulated export growth in China, Italy, Singapore and many other countries around the world. Although compact, the heaters were a little noisy and lacked performance in colder weather, so in 1998 the Siddons family parted ways with Quantum Energy Systems.

The third phase: The Siddons Solarstream is a new patented development, in the tradition of the earlier Siddons Solar Plus water heater. Combining the (Sidchrome like) strength of stainless steel and the convenience of a pre-charged split configuration, the Solarstream is easy to transport, quiet, brilliant in cold weather and more convenient to install.

The water tank also features a new patented “direct heat transfer” heating method, which has increased heat transfer efficiency. Although the Siddons Solar Plus was the first Heat Pump Water Heater to use the “Direct Heat Transfer” to heat water, the Solarstream is a significant improvement on this earlier design.

20 years on and Enviro Freiendly Products is proud to introduce to you the latest Siddons Solarstream domestic and commercial systems: tougher and more energy efficient than ever before, so you will save more, for longer. We know you will be impressed.

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