ARI Plastank Poly Water Tanks Are Now Known As Nylex Plastank

ari-tank-1700lARI Plastank poly water tanks were manufactured by Australian Rotomoulding Industries (ARI) in the ARI factory in Pakenham, outside Melbourne. In the early 2000’s, ARI Plastanks were the most popular poly water tank on the market. Many customers liked the clean lines of the straight-sided design. Later, they were bought our by Nylex, a household name in water products.

The name of the tanks changed from ARI Plastank to Nylex Plastank, but most of the moulds live on. Many customers are still looking for ARI Plastanks. In some cases because they have been recommended by a friend, in many cases brcause they want a new tank to match one(s) they already have.

Today, you can purchase over a dozen of the former ARI Plastank tanks from Enviro Friendly. Most are based on the old ‘gallon’ sizes- 500 gallons, 1,000 gallons, 2,000 gallons, 3,000 gallons, 4,000 gallons, 5,000 gallons, 10,000 gallons. Of course, Nylex now offer some extra tanks in the same mould (pun intended). Popular 5,000 and 10,000 litre tanks are now available that match your existing ARI Plastanks.

ARI Plastank 330 Litre R2 Rainsaver


ARI Plastank 600 Litre (Slimline) Coloured Water Tank

600ltstandCheck details of the Nylex equivalent tank

ARI Plastank 1600 Litre (Slimline) Coloured Water Tank

plastank-1600l-slimline-tankCheck details of the Nylex equivalent tank


ARI Plastank 2250 Litre Coloured Water Tank


ARI Plastank 4500 Litre Squat Coloured Tank


ARI Plastank 4500 Litre Tall Coloured Water Tank


ARI Plastank 9000 Litre Squat Coloured Water Tank


ARI Plastank 9000 Litre Tall Coloured Water Tank


ARI Plastank 13500 Litre Coloured Water Tank


ARI Plastank 18000 Litre Coloured Water Tank


ARI Plastank 22700 Litre Coloured Water Tank


ARI Plastank 30000 Litre Coloured Water Tank


ARI Plastank 45400 Litre Coloured Water Tank


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 Posted on : November 13, 2015