Enviro friendly products help reduce our carbon footprint.
We don’t have another planet to go to. Let’s look after this one.

Environmentally Friendly Products

People of goodwill and good conscience, like yourself, are acting in an environmentally friendly way to hand on a better world to our children, and to our children’s children. They are reducing their waste, and the pollution they produce. They’re also acting to cut their use of two items vital for our life, and way of life. Water, and Energy. The environmentally friendly products on this website can help you.

We want to help YOU make a difference. We want to help YOU save water, save energy, save money, and save the environment. 

Enviro Friendly Double Glazing

Windows are the greatest source of heat gain and loss in our homes. The pitifully-thin glass in the old fashioned, inefficient single glazed windows we’ve used in the past are also great at letting noise in from outside. You know, that traffic noise, aircraft noise, the lawn mower next door that drives you crazy?

In modern Australia, there’s no excuse not to enjoy the benefits of double Double Glazing Saves Money and Energy.: be warmer in winter; be cooler in summer, enjoy more peace and quiet, and watch those energy bills drop. Read more…

Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating is the best form of underfloor heating available. Underfloor heating is not new, it was use by the ancient Romans, and Koreans. Modern hydronic heating systems provide quiet, comfortable, safe, economical and enviro-friendly warmth for your home. Now, there are even hydronic heating and cooling systems. Learn more about hydronic heating…

Solar Hot Water

 As a country, we're also realising that we waste a lot of energy. Waste that produces huge quantities of greenhouse gas. We're not only blowing a lot of greenhouse gasses, we're also blowing a lot of money! Solar hot water is one answer.

Advanced evacuated tube systems such as Apricus., and heat pump solar hot water systems like Stiebel Eltron save Australian families up to $700 a year, and save 3-4 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

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Solar Panels

Not content just to save energy, more and more people are installing solar panels- grid connect PV systems that produce electricity that reduces their power bills, and reduces their carbon footprint. Solar panel systems from Sharp Solar, Suntech, Sungrid, Lightway and SunPower help Australian customers.

State Governments are increasingly requiring new homes to provide higher levels of water and energy-saving. Happily, for the moment. the Federal Governments offer incentives to fit solar hot water systems and solar panels. But that’s under threat, so now’s the time to take action.

Water Tanks

clark-tanks-CT7000-squat-31822-litreToday, more and more Australians are realising that we need to take personal responsibility in the area of water usage.

They know that we need to cut down the amount of water we waste, increase the amount we recycle, and increase the amount of rainwater we collect, store and use.

Our country cousins have known all this for generations. Now we urban dwellers, particularly in our capital cities, are catching up!

Customers can choose from leading brands such as Clark Tanks, Nylex, Tankworks, Team Poly, Poly Water Tanks and Precision Poly.

More and more Australian are choosing to use water from their tanks to supply their homes. The Onga WaterSwitch can be fitted to any water tank/s, and supply anything from one toilet, to a whole house.

Our Mission

Through providing information on high-quality, industry-leading, environmentally friendly products, we empower Australians to “Save water, save energy, save money, and save the environment.”

This site is here to help consumers, developers, builders, architects, building designers, plumbers, electricians- anyone who needs good advice and good products that truly make a difference.